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after buying a set of tires from pep boys one of the tires kept getting low on air. I thought it was my neighbor, then my friend at his house. I had it and let the tire go flat because I didn't use the car for three months.

I kept filling the time and even checked for nails with water. I then laid

the tire down and went to answer the phone, when I came back I noticed I had been checking for leaks on the tire surface and not around the rim where I saw bubbles finally; I took the tire to pep boys on central where

I had bought the tires, Larry broke the tire down and we both saw that there were two spots 180 degree apart which had been chewed up by the installer at the time the tires were mounted. I tires were new and the installer chewed to spots of the tire with the machine he used and never said nothing about it. I will never buy another tire at pep boys again.

If your employees cannot mount a new tire without crewing chunks of rubber off the inside of the tire and then letting the customer find out months later that employee needs a beating by me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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I bought new Difinaty ATs from pep boys. In less than a year I had cords showing, and the tires were completely bald.

I put on 20,000 miles on a tire with a 50,000 mile warranty, and the pep boys manager said "You can only expect about 25000 miles from an all terrain tire.

I've been buying and using tires for 30 years, and never had tires wear out this fast. Never going to Pep Boys again, for ANYTHING.

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