Houston, Texas
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The area director in Dallas/Ft Worth named Chris Roach does nothing but lie and cheat customers and employees. Its time for him to go.

He tried to resolve damage done to my car at the Forest Lane store by giving me a free oil change?!?!?

This guy doesn't return phone calls until you threaten to take legal action, then when he does return your call, he lies to you. No wonder the incompetent store managers tell you to call the area director, he will frustrate you to the point of never returning to a pepboys store.

I will never go back. I will take my loss and call it a day. Thanks Chris Roach, your dishonesty is duly noted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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By the way I am Roaches new ***

Are you jealous?


Empty theory there, but your candyass investigation seems a bit short like your unimaginably small ***. You know the one you put in Chris Roach's hand as he leads you around like the beeeyotch you are.


Oh john I forget to tell you your a *** too. sorry.


Once again Gilroy you never seem to learn life lessons do you. You are an ex employee as you stated in another complaint on pepboys.

How retarted do you look now? You left your job to go work at a dealership, and chris roach told you good bye! Now you try and act like a customer to get back at him. You only talk about dallas and not ft.


Have you thought it might stick out like a soar thumb who you are? stop being a *** and go away to your hole.


It would seem Jason and Raul are the pansies who have a three way with Chris Roach. Did you get a teabag and a dirty sanchez for coming here to back him up?


I would have to agree with Jason. I had an issue at the same store and he took care of my complaint.

He also called later to make sure I was happy.

that floored me and my wife. I will continue buisness with that store because of him.


Sounds a lot like standard operating procedure for the AD Robin Saunders in Las Vegas.

I've been wondering if our other areas were run by these kinds of snakes too or if it was just the 702 area code.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31636

Let me guess, either Chris Roach was your boyfriend and broke up with you, or he was your employer and fired you and this is your idea of revenge?

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