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I brought my pick up truck in AFTER my mechanic called these idiots and they said they could service my vehicle. I needed a simple wheel alignment.

Once I checked my truck in they told me they would first examine my truck, if it needed any work (brakes, hoses, etc) then they would not be able to align my truck without it getting "repaired first" I just spent well over $900 with my regular mechanic getting my truck repaired, you see my vehicle is very important to me, it is my "office". I take very good care of it. So imagine my surprise when I pick my truck up 2 hours later and they tell me it needs a tie rod because mine is "old". They not only did NOT call to tell me this rediculous news but they did not align my vehicle.

Thieves. My truck just had new tie rods put on less than 4 months ago. These people are not only brain dead, they could have called me to tell me they could not service it. They are crooks and *** as well.

Go elsewhere people, these guys are more than likely trained to "find" problems that don't exist so they can "fix" them.

I not only wasted my morning bringing my truck in but wasted 2 hours being without my wheels. Brainless jerks !

Monetary Loss: $69.

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What did you expect ? Pepboys hires *** right out of high school who are pot head burn outs. Take it to the dealership next time .


LMAO! said it all.


You're a S.C.U.M.B.A.G. :cry


WOW, sir you are pathetic! stop crying cuz your truck is a piece of junk that requires well over spendings exceeding 900 bucks.

If you know anything about alignments or even automotive repair which you don't. You cannot perform an alignment if any suspension/ steering part is defective you ***! maybe your loser mechanic which you spent 900 bucks to, requires checking not pepboys, maybe your mechanic messed up the install or put in a defective part or didn't replace one of the tie rods. You expect to pay 900 bucks and suddenly your truck is brand new?

grow up you ***, stop crying. I see piece of junk vehicles all the time, your lucky pepboys tries to bring your junk cars back to life b/c a dealership will kick you out their door without taking an arm or leg first! I rather you do not go back to pepboys you ***! no one wants to deal with a *** like yourself, take your junk truck to a dealer, find out what rip off is all about!

pepboys will forever be in business !

lol they serve the majority of population who love going their with loyal customers boom! your dead!


maybe it's time you buy a new truck....Pep Boys cannot polish turds :cry


go *** ur self.they should of called but i just started n don't think you should talk bad about all tech's there cuz i am trained , competent and working on vehicles for 12years highly trained(before pepboys)


Most cars/truck have inner and outer Tie rod ends. Did you replace all four?

Probably not. Also, sometimes parts are bad right off the shelf. To align a vehicle you adjust the "play" in the tie rods ends, among other things. Also, they have boots on them.

If they tear the lubricant can become fouled or leak out. Would you have wanted them to do the alignment and have a tie rod fail, and have to pay for the part and the alignment again? Granted they should have called you and not have you waiting two hours.

but it all depends on when they pulled the truck in and how busy they were. they should have at least called, but everything else seems right.


You get what You pay for . The next time take Your vehicle to a reputable independent shop or a dealer . You'll pay more but you'll have trained , competent people working on Your vehicle ,not minimum wage mechanic wannabe's

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