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I used to work for this so called company, it should just be called a joke. Other than the fact they charge way too much for everything and than call it 'cheaper than the dealer' but not by much!

They absolutely refuse to take care of their associates. As a manager at a store in Georgia I experienced these day in and day out and they wonder why their turn over rate is 45%!! They complain how expensive it is to hire new people but they do absolutely nothing to keep the ones they have. Even after not having worked there for 8 months I still get calls from the cheap alarm company we used when ever the their alarm goes off.

The incompetent management team their doesn't seem the under stand their own security/financial risk with that. Speaking of management these guys are just plain pathetic. They run the stores as they see fit not even following their own corporate standards. One had the nerve to tell me "I don't care how corporate wants it done, do it my way!!" or this from a different useless regional manager "Well I hear you don't have the resources to do your job or that we tie your hands, but what we need to do is make sure we shake the customers hand..." Really?!

I could have told him the building was one fire and he would still tell me to shake the customers hand. These people have no idea what they are doing, avoid them at ALL costs.

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