Corpus Christi, Texas

PB now uses plugs for repairing flats. That will just make a bigger hole and weaken the tire.

They should use patches NOT plugs.

The other thing; if you want anything done on your car you have to wait +/-4 hours and then they tell you come back tomorrow, We are so behind and will not get to yours. But if you look outside you see 5 or 6 guys standing around doing nothing.

PB I used to go there, but you all just lost me. You need to get better management and check on your worker and make sure they please the customer.

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Im not happy about using plugs either, I think its a backyard mechanics way of fixing a tire. I have bitched and bitched about using patch/plugs but we just arent allowed to do it the proper way anymore due to lawsuits.

People like you that are complaining and filing lawsuits are making it worse for the rest of the public.

Pepboys has actually overstaffed themselves now to accomodate no one waiting more than 30 minutes. Sometimes you may see techs standing around but you have to understand there is always a reason, ie waiting on parts, asking for help on something, taking a break.


Due to lawsuits big name car repair places are no longer allowed to use patches, and mist use plugs.


Best way to repair a flat tire is actually a patch/plug combination, you imbecile.

Do you know why you have to wait 4 hours for them to work you in?

Because they're a popular shop which 100's of people trust every month for service. Go ahead and find an empty shop with no wait, it's probably a ****hole and they'll probably rip you off and mess up your car.

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