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I went to Pep Boys for 4 new tires. I have called several places to get the best price for tires and an alignment.

I arrived at the store on Hwy 436 & Ronald Regan Blvd in Altamonte Spgs., FL. at approx. 6:30pm. They took my car right in & installed the tires but there was a problem with the tie rod on the driver's side.

I approved the replacement of the tie rod. After it was installed the mechanic was having a problem with the front end alignment. Derrick the Asst. Service Mgr.

took me in the shop to show me that the new tie rod could not me tightened but they would do the best they could to align my van. At this point everything was hurried because it was getting late and they were closing. I finally got my van out of there at approx. 8:15pm.

Driving home I noticed that the wheels were squealing every time I turned a corner. I had to work the next day so I couldn't return to Pep Boys. The following day I took my van back & told Derrick about the wheels squealing. He took my car to have it checked again.

He came back a short time later to tell me that I needed the outer tie rod. They had replaced the inner tie rod 2 days previous. I just happened to be talking to my son at the time & he said he would do that repair so I took the van home. When my son pulled the front end apart, he found that the inner tie rod that Pep Boys had replaced had treads missing from someone holding it with vice grips.

The outer tie rod which was missing threads and was full of rust had been jammed on the new inner tie rod. The lock nuts on both sides had not been tightened. I was lucky that those nuts did not come off while I was driving or I would not have had any steering. When I called to complain about the shoddy work I was told to have the van towed back to Pep Boys so they could determine who was at fault.

I would not take anything in to Pep Boys not even my bicycle. If you want shoddy work, poor customer service high labor costs, then please take your vehicles to Pep Boys.

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Yeah i feel you on that they messed up my inner tie rods because they put a slightly bigger tire on one rim than the rest and it kept pulling to one side so i would never take it again to pepboys they suck.

Palmdale california

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