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First the service department told me I needed an intake valve and cover. They could do the job for a mere 800 dollars.....Ok that seemed like a lot of money and I wanted to discuss it with my family first since I was recently widowed and this would be a lot of money for a woman on a very fixed income.....My family agreed and since the car had been running hot I decided not to drive the car but to have it towed to prevent any other damage.

The truck hadn't been there long when I received a phone call from the service department advising me that now I needed a complete NEW engine......I had no choice but just to tell them that I would send my tow company of choice to bring it home....I spent two months worrying about what to do next. A friend and neighbor of thirty years suggested I take it to a local place that he used for his and his wife's car and truck. Again I had it towed in to prevent further damage. I was so happly to learn today that the only problem with my truck was that it needed a new themostat, seal and cover....cost with labor 355 including tax.

Your service department saw a widow and tried to take advantage. SHAME, SHAME! I always reccomended Pep Boys in the past but never, ever again. THE TOWING BILL ALONE JUST TO AND FROM WAS 80 DOLLARS.

You have lost a good custmer and a good recommendation.

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you people always want something for nothing think about it if pepboys was so bad how come theyre still around 8)


To the first commenter. Are you a company man?

I have had a bad service experience with them too. I haven't recommended them to anyone since then.


There were probably too many problems to fix and it was probably more cost efficient to just replace the whole engine than to spend 30 hours fixing various parts. But you, being a dumb old lady, think they were trying to rip you off.

Instead, they simply warned you that spending $800 on a partial fix will not solve the whole problem and saved you an $800 bill and tons of aggravation of paying $800 and still not fixing everything. Why would they try to sell you a new engine knowing you couldn't afford it?? Because they just wanted to let you know that for a quality repair a new engine would be the best option, you dumb hag.

Your local Joe mechanic might have "fixed" some of the problems, but you'll probably end up in his shop again, paying more money to have everything fixed.

Also, since he's a local guy, who's gonna warranty your work and give you free stuff when you're away traveling somewhere? Or on a Sunday when he's closed?

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