Dallas, Texas

I purchased an item from Pepboys, but had to return it when it didn't fit my truck. I was expecting a refund on my debit card, but it didn't happen.

I went to the store. They said I was given a cash refund, which I wasn't. They refused to do anything for me. I don't know who got my refund, but I work hard for my money and loosing over $50 is not right.

Pepboys is not customer friendly!

Pepboys needs to review their customer policies and be more open to admitting thier mistakes. Stay away from Pepboys!

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #147557

did you know that you were on camera next time smile dumdass :grin


I should add that I am such a complete and total loser, that shortly after the new year all I had to do was to come to this site and try to save my floor mopping job at *** BOYS.


:grin your retarded! pepboys is an amazing place. and they don't need scam artists like you there!

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