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i went to pep boys in slc ut and asked for an oil change, they of course asked me if i presently have any oil leaks - which i did not. they offered to fix my leaky tire and rotate all of them for free - i allowed the service.

I left to take care of other business in the area and told them I would return. When I returned, the mechanic had my car their lifter. When I asked why they wanted to show me my oil "new" oil leak. What I observed was a newly, fresh crack on my oil pan about two inches long, a scrape right next to it.

my car is a 1998 thunderbird, yet I have a fresh scrape and a crack in my pan with a sever leak. Not knowing much, I took my car to my usual mechanic. He observed the fresh crack and scrape next to the plug where the it drains oil. I now know, you remove this plug to drain oil, replace when finished.

THE CRACKED MY PAN, and intentionally scraped it. I leak 2 quarts a day, need a new pan and the job is 3-4 hours labor because of my car. They will not take accountability and state that it is impossible to crack an oil pan by torquing to hard. THEY SUCK, ARE RUDE AND INCOMPITABLE.


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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be thankful it lasted this is a Ford after all


For Bill stick it you have no idea what you are talking about.

Joe you stick it to! You have an extra 30 grand to buy a car some people out there do take care their of their cars.

As an Atou ase master tech I find that stripped nuts and bolt and oil plugs where over tightened an normally done by the last person. That poor lub guy was the one that remove had to remove it, not saying he didn't crack it. the fact if you lost that much oil in a day it should of been noted on the PM check list and manager should been involved! I would of never removed it until you saw it. Yes I believe they were dishonest and should of been up front.

By the way yes I'm a Pepboy employee, and retired military. Sorry for you bad experance :?


what do you's a thunderturd


Here's an idea- maybe you should buy a new car and get rid of that 13 year old jalopy, the junkyard may give you a hundred bucks for it if you're lucky :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Bull ***. not only can you strip out the pan/plug by over torquing it by hand or torque wrench, you can easily crack the pan especially if its alloy.

fords torque is 10 ft pounds.

at 15 ft pounds you strip the pan a little. anything over that and you crack the pan...

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