Williston, North Dakota
Not resolved

car was taken in for what appeared to be a bad starter, turned out to be out of time. they forced it to turn over and broke all the valves as well as the pistons.

If they had done a proper job of analyzing they simply had to retime it. instead they completely destroyed the engine and then laughed about it. when confronted they denied doing the damage, however intially were going to fix it.

this cost me in excess of 2500.00 so no way will they ever ever do any work for me. I would not recommend them to anyone.............

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

Did the vehicle "go out of time" in your driveway???? That makes no sense...just admit it you drove it...the timing belt skipped because you probably never changed it and has 200k, and you destroyed your engine....and blaming them???


As a 25 year master tech. working for ford motor company repairing and rebuilding engines transmissions and diesels, I would think that if the timing was off when they first looked at the car then there is a very good possibility that the damage could have been done prior to them looking at it.

Todays engines are zero tolerance meaning if the timing goes off then engine damage can occur. when the timing went off or "jumped" most likely you were driving the vehicle and at 2,000 rpm it is very likely the damage happend then.

You stated the engine cranked hard,like the starter was bad-meaning that there was already damage to the engine, either from driving it or cranking it over repeatedly-before they even looked at it. more likely also the mechanic was told "it is probably a bad starter" or "customer thinks he has a bad starter" Instead of stating simply" ck why engine will not start"

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