Ontario, California

So for the fourth or fifth time now, I get an e-mail from Pepboys saying I have a Pepboys reward. So I go to the store every time thinking I have a reward and I get up to the register and the cashier gives me a balance of a dollar or so that is remaining on the reward THAT I JUST RECIEVED!!

So I leave like a normal person trying to keep my calm after they've had me drive to their stores five times now...so I call the Pepboys rewards *** that apparently don't understand that I'm not a retard and I understand that if there is a balance of a dollar on my rewards that obviously I used them somewhere along the line, but when they send me an e-mail saying I have a $15.00 reward you would think it is FIFTEEN DOLLARS NOT ONE!

I am never going to Pepboys ever again they have *** customer service and they don't know a god *** thing about cars nor their own *** rewards program. Never again will I buy from Pepboys.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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