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I recently went to Pep Boys to get my tires replaced because I failed PA state inspection. It was a last minute decision to go there because I just wanted to get it taken care of. Mind you, I had never been to a Pep Boys in my life before 3 weeks ago.

I waited in the store while the tires were replaced, which took almost 2 hours! When I got my car back, I noticed that there was something on the floor from my glove box that I did not put there. I went into my glove box and my Ipod was missing!! I searched the car for a good 10 minutes before returning inside the store.

I know I should not have left it in there in the first place, but they also had no right to go through my things! I went back in and one of the technicians came out to search the car with me, but clearly, nothing was found. Conveniently, the technician who worked on my car was out on lunch and not answering his phone during this time. Gee I wonder why?

He definitely went through my glove box to retrieve my wheel lock key in order to get my tires off. I pointed this out and we went back inside so that he could get the manager so that I could file an incident report. The manager said he would complete it and call me back the next day.

I never got that phone call and instead I was forced to be on hold and finally talk to a different manager who did confirm that an incident report was filed. In addition, he also informed me that nothing like this has ever happened and he could not imagine that this employee would do such a thing. I informed him that everyone I spoke to after the fact was like why the *** would you go to Pep Boys?

I also filed a police report the following day. After two weeks of no hearing anything, I spent a week trying to get through to corporate to find out the results of my claim. It was denied based on the facts that the employee stated that he did not go through my things and that I signed an agreement on the work order stating that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

This is absolute *** because it gives their employees the right to do whatever they want when they get in your car. I know that I should not have left it in there and I have learned my lesson. However, this corporation should be concerned with the integrity of their employees.

This is the worst automotive place that there is; please, save yourself the hassle and heartache and never ever ever go to Pep Boys. Please be on the lookout for an anti Pep Boys group on facebook. If you belong to facebook, please join it. These are the only ways we can fight back against *** like Pep Boys!!!

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Maybe you read what you sign and have your wheel lock key ready so they don't have to dig through all YOUR ***...I've waited on people like you plenty of times....and why would you blame it on them? Maybe it got stolen in the parking lot- you have some nerve to accuse should take your own advice- it is YOUR fault....FAIL! :cry


Yes it's true, I know because they just stole my GPS too :cry My gps was old and nothing fancy but it worked great and it was mine. Well one oil change later someone at Pep boys has it. I should have known better!


@bob maybe he missplaced it up your gaping corporate *** You fudging sell out, rule of thumb don't steal from your customers you freaking ***.


wow, apparently there's such PROFESSIONAL workers at Pep Boys, actually getting HEATED over internet stories! I would go 500 miles out of my way to avoid those *** bag philly-style scam artists, I hope the company goes under real soon!!!!


hey bob it sounds as if your defending the biggest rip off company in the world.

wake up and smell the coffee pal!

Some Common Sense

i, myself, have witnessed a similar story at pepboys during one visit, check this out, TRUE STORY!

i was getting an oil change, a woman come in to pick up her car, a mid-90's or so pontiac firebird/trans-am style car

and BOY was she PISSED!

her claim, check this out, she states, and i quote ALMOST word for word, i will never forget it!...

"you stole my dual exhaust and put on single exhaust! i want my dual exhaust put back on or im going to call the police!"

you think she misplaced it? LMFAO!

another time, iwas getting tires rotated

a woman claims her GPS was stolen.. swears to this! calls police and everything! as she should have!... BUT...

about 30-40 min's later she comes back and apologizes saying it was left in her other car!

but, yes, i can see your point, and yes YOU should have had wheel lock key available, then the guy would not have been in your glove box.... RIGHT?!

Some Common Sense....PLEASE!


Maybe you should read what you sign before you sign it. And maybe if you would have been prepared and had they not had to dig through all your junk to find the wheel lock, u wouldn't be here whining. Are u sure u didn't misplace your item, many people are quick to place blame.

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