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Please, if you need auto work done go to Mr. Tire leave PEPBOYS alone.

All they care about is making money and not the safe operation of someone's car. I took my van to get tires on it and a alignment . The was suppose to put the tires on the front but instead they took my good tires off and left the bad ones on and they didn't do the alignment but after it was all said and done they charged me $289. Leave these folks alone !

A law should be made that the customer could examine the car and work before it leaves the shop. There needs to be accountability.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Customer Care.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry by law the best tires must go in the rear they probaly replaced the fronts then moved to rear



I go to Discount Tire for my tires, and according to them (and the NTSB and DOT), newer tires should be placed on the rear, no matter whether the car is FWD, RWD or AWD. Studies have shown that having newer tires on the rear keeps you from sliding in turns.


maybe you should have all 4 tires replaced...don't blame them that your car is a pos :p

Paulista, Pernambuco, Brazil #403681

Is it true that it is safer to have two front tires newer than the back ones??? That's what Pepboys said..., They made a mistake when they accidentally/intentionally changed the back instead of front tires...

they don't want to correct it because they're too busy..

they want to make more money... You guys suck!!!

Paulista, Pernambuco, Brazil #403677

That's exactly what happened to my van. All they care about is to make money.

The manager will call and pretend to show care and compassion but in reality...

he's stink. By the way, this is Pepboys in Spring Valley, Ca.

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