Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Pep Boys service advisors are being pressured to ripp customers off for upper management. This place is pure evil.

We are constanly pressured to seel alignments and the mechanics are forced to performed alignments on cars that have worn suspension parts-if the customer complains it easy to do a refund-as long as the sale was made its goes on record as 1 alignment sold and upper management is happy. Advisors are being to sell brakes packages that includes services the customer may not need or be interested in.

Beware of the proline oil filters-many are defective and Pep Boys choose to ignore the problem. The free oil change with 2 tire purchase is using recycled oil-not a major name brand.

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The same thing is happening down in the valley of south texas. MGMT is pushing our advisors to sell parts that arent needed at all.

AND it all starts with our district manager. There is nothing anyone can do about it because he and the rest of the managers in the area have the HR representative in our area in their pockets. They all have a thing going on between them..and i can prove it.

Pep Boys screws ALL customers over wether its Service or Retail!! I really do hope they go bankrupt and close down.


Proline oil is recycled ***-Free Oil Change,you get what you pay.


At store #0316 we are proud to overprice customers that dont know any better-mostly the homos that shop here.


I agree with simply not true.

Associates and management alike are terminated for *** like this in the Southeast region.

I just see corporate agreeing to



Associates in my territory are also terminated if they don't kiss my backside. Thats why they write on these anonymous boards.

We are hiring the finest high school dropouts we can. We train them on how to work on your car so we can maximize your happiness and our profits.


To all Pep boys employee's what this person wrote maybe true how many time have you heard of corrupt police officers & elected officials.

people seem to have lost their minds Greed is what caused the problems in the Housing maket in America, Morgage Brokers Bankers & Wall Street all of them made some serious money while most consumers who purchased home and excepted these ARMS are now facing financial doom,

We are facing a delima in America today because we are not as patriotic

as our grandfathers were & we seem to not care about our countrymen if we would do what have been done

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #59336

we only use the finest olive oils in your motor because we care. mangia ***!!


We do not use recycled oil. However we do sometimes go number one in the crankcase.


Your ***, proline oil is not recycled oil

to john Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #706035

Proline is recycled oil is says it right on the bottle you ***!!!

this guy should never touch a car yet he works for pepboys imagine that


I am a service manager at pepboys and i can tell you, we never use used oil, and if your management is telling you to sell services not required, you need to call your districts hr office and they will investigate the matter. Associates in my district are terminated - with a zero tolerance policy for that kind of behavior.

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