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Pep Boys service advisors are being pressured to ripp customers off for upper management. This place is pure evil.

We are constanly pressured to seel alignments and the mechanics are forced to performed alignments on cars that have worn suspension parts-if the customer complains it easy to do a refund-as long as the sale was made its goes on record as 1 alignment sold and upper management is happy. Advisors are being to sell brakes packages that includes services the customer may not need or be interested in.

Beware of the proline oil filters-many are defective and Pep Boys choose to ignore the problem. The free oil change with 2 tire purchase is using recycled oil-not a major name brand.

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I worked in the northeast several years ago, there were two completely useless clowns as service directors- Vic and Bert, they were very rude and borderline abusive to employees, they should be cleaning bathrooms


I started working at pepboys in december 2011 and was just let go for insubordination march 2012 because i refused to sell customers inferior parts. i have been a parts person for over 30 years and was hired as the commercial sales manager (csm) and i was basically set up to fail.

i continually told them what we needed to make this department successful and was never given any help. all other stores have 2 on counter and as many drivers as needed but they made me work alone with 2 drivers and never had the retail counter staffed enough, thus retail customers were always coming to commercial counter looking for help. very poorly managed company who think that having conference calls all day long talking to each other about what they need to do to improve business instead of getting off the phone and go out and talk to customers about what they want and maybe learn what needs to be done. GET OFF THE Conference calls and do something constructive!

too many suits and cooperate bull in the way. my store was in a prime market for commercial if they knew how to do other parts stores in area. i know all the garages in the area and was poised to bring it to the next level but they wouldnt listen to my ideas...just wanted to see GREEN! I have never worked for a more poorly run company in my life.

they are a retail oriented company that has no business in the commercial world. 99 % of their parts are made in china and of very poor quality. the clowns will say what they will about how well pep boys is run and how much they care about their employees but it is all false and they only care about themselves. do yourself a favor...DO NOT work for pep boys, DO NOT take your car to them because THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

Take it from someone who has been in the business long enough to know...

BTW...none of my customers will buy from them after the backstabbing they gave me...way to go get back to your conference call and do what you do best...NOTHING!

19 years in the commercial parts business and they're still trying figure it out? OMG!


i currently work for pepboys yes they r ripping off customers with alignments etc...... they now have a one team deal going in store one person pulling parts takes forever there selling packages so customer will by but they but customer doesnt no is that there paying full price and the add on in the package is something we do for free anyway. it just takes money out of technicians hands


"Thirdly, employees in their specified department do not do their job! My boyfriend has been getting his own parts in the parts department because the ones who are supposed to get the part take WAAAAY too long thus, wasting time on the mechanic.

(I thought people are supposed to help each other not waste people's valuable time) "

A pepboys shop has 10 bays 7 mechs/techs and 3 est`s or installers plus 3 people on the desk. The parts department at a pepboys has ONE person due to "budget cuts" and is still expected to help all the customers at their own desk and bring out all the parts.

Sorry if a mech cant get his own parts while he isnt doing anything else since he is the one getting paid for that work getting done... not the parts person.


I have read all the comments above and theirs some good and bad ones. Pep boys is a very good and strong company and our main focus is customer care.

Pep boys also does care about their employees too! there is a 1- 800 number for any concerns or questions. Pep boys has policies that everyone must follow, same with every job out there. employees if you have a problem with someone at work feel free to get in contact with your H R rep.

And for the service writers earn that 10 customer service as soon you great that customer take care of him at all times until he/she leaves your store thats how you will earn a ten. People remember we all have a responsibility no matter for what company we work for we Have to follow rules and policies.

Pep boys is a good place to work and you also learn more every day . South west division area 101

to Ricardo Figueroa ***t Manager Centerville, Iowa, United States #740687

Its not good if your a newer tech or a installer. I went to school to work on cars and trucks I know a good amount about them yet low pay. One of my friends at work would have 20 bucks left if he got his health coverage from pep boys every pay.

to Ricardo Figueroa ***t Manager #756537

Ricardo, it is good to hear that you give the corporate response to these accusations. That shows me how a good puppet should act in public.

Now look deep inside yourself and come out with the truth. I am a former employee in the western division and I have been part of the kaos that PepBoys is peddling. I held a CSM position (Customer Service Manager), and I was instructed to feed my guys the BS that corp was shoving up my A@@. It is not right that we have to take advantage of our customers to line the pockets of corporate.

We at the store level work very hard for the rich to get richer, while we struggle to pay our bills. Not to mention how many times I had mentioned wrong doings to upper management and nothing was done.

I was even a witness to theft from a service manager and he remains there while they accuse me of wrong doings. So if you truly feel that PepBoys is the place to work, then I fear it is just a matter of time before they *** and you will be on this site again only with a different tune.


My wife is a Pep Boys employee. Talk about sexual harrassment!!

A hostile invironment? Pep Boys management chimps are TRAINED to be hostile toward everyone.....especially fellow employees. Wife is on meds from her doctor due to employer related stress.

Last year she had to forfeit two weeks vacation. They are short-handed so will not approve vacation..EXCEPT when THEY prefer...usually at the rate of two days off consecutively.

to Max Kinkaid #693765

Does your wife still work for Pep Boys? I used to and was also fired while out on medical due to the stress and harrassment to which I was being subjected!

I am filing suit for this and other violations. is me.

Thank you. God bless.


Have any of you ever heard of the Whistleblower Protection Act? Google; The Office of Special Counsel, Merit Systems Protection Board, or Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. While you are at it contact the Better Business Bureau.

to Jorge #756540

I tried that. Without physical proof, there is nothing we can do. And trust me, it would take someone in upper management to blow the whistle and make it stick.


I'm only hoping it truly depends on the location of the shop however..

My boyfriend has been working at Pep Boys for well over 6 months now (he's been a mechanic for over 4 years. almost becoming master mechanic) and he HATES Pep Boys.

He tells me why he hates it so much and his points are valid.

First of all, the service writer is not paying him for the work that he's been doing. (he's been keeping track for 2 weeks now and they've already messed up 4+ times!)

Second of all, they take 239084723987 months to fix/replace their equipment. (apparently it gets taken off the manager's bonus check)

Thirdly, employees in their specified department do not do their job! My boyfriend has been getting his own parts in the parts department because the ones who are supposed to get the part take WAAAAY too long thus, wasting time on the mechanic. (I thought people are supposed to help each other not waste people's valuable time)

Eh, I think Pep Boys is just disorganized, hire idiots who don't know/do anything, and loves screwing over their mechanics.

I feel bad for the mechanics who work at that specific location... but does this happen often in other locations?


I used to work at Pep Boys and no one ever topped off fluids as they were supposed to


All of our Service Writters are *** *** and the president of the company looks like Skelitor... Pepboys makes money by ripping off their own mechanics.

*** i hate my job.


I just started working at a Pepboys...and I already hate it. Being female it is understandably a hard industry to get involved in, but I like cars and learning about them so I wanted to give one of the oldest companies around a try!

The store I work in is just horrible though. I actually had the store manager tell me that the sexual harassment training you get "really is ***, because we are going to harass you anyway" can you believe it! Who do you go to when your BOSS is the one saying he is just going to harass you anyway! They also only care about rewards cards at Pepboys...I mean "your job depends on how many you give out a day" says something.

It is not, make sure the customer is happy, be presentable, thank you for working so hard everyday, it is "Make that quota or you are fired" I am being forced to ask every customer if they have one, even for $1.50 purchases! If they do not have one I HAVE TO give them one...if the customer still refuses to give information..I am being told to make it up and throw the card long as we get the goal amount everyday. If we don't meet it, we get screamed at by the store manager. The guy is a ***...He made my schedule two weeks out...then changed it w/out letting me know....then has the balls to say to me that if I learned to read I might be at work when I am supposed to.

EXCUSE ME for not knowing you have to look at the schedule everyday because your boss might randomly change it!

What is the point of a schedule!!!! I would love to quit...have to find a new job first :(


I am working in a Class Action Lawsuit against Pepboys. I want to hear from Present and Past employees.

Feel free to contact me at If you have been Worked in a hostile enviroment, discriminated against, retaliated against, forced to charge customers for services not done and so on I want to hear from you....

Please pass this along... This date of March 9th 2011

to Steve Brack Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #602553

I Got myself in a Bit of Trouble.. And Have Been paying for it since...

It's A Long And Complicated Story. But Here it goes... Last Thursday I sawA co worker Cut A Lady off the road. So Instead of Talking to My direct manager Or somebody I Called The number on The back of our Cars.

Now The recording says that ALL calls are Kept Confidential. The Next thing I Know Our area director Pops up Asked me if I called because It Was my Number That showed up.. Stupidly I told her NO It wasnt me.. When I finally confessed to The Call She was really Mad at me for Lying And Rightfully so..

She asked me why I lied I told her That I was Fearfull of Retaliation And Targeting.. I explained to her That this wasnt the first time That this co worker had done these things.She has Hit our building with her Car 3 times she has picked up her Baby and her Boyfriend in the company Car, She told me to Basicly *** off once And I had reported them to 3 Other Bosses Higher up .. And Nothing was done..So I didnt know what else to do.. The next day things I thought were fine..

Thats when We received a phone call That the same co worker Had Been In An Accident At one of our Customers Shops And Police were Called.. Nothing Was done again.. Then Tuesday she had three more calls about somebody with her decription Running over somebodys Grass And Almost hitting a fence, I came in Worked All day until 5 Thats when I received a Write up for Lying about that I had made the phone call I was told that it was all water under the bridge... Then Today I was told By My general Manager Infront of Another Manager who had no reason to even know any of this That I was suspended until Further notice because of what I did on previous Thursday...

I was Shocked Pissed and Just Plain Mad..Isnt this a Form of Retaliation? :cry :(

to Newt Trenton, New Jersey, United States #623159

Dear Newt,

Your story breaks my heart. If somebody you work with is putting other people at risk, you did the right thing by first reporting her to three bosses at the company.

Their negligence in the matter is completely unacceptable. You sound like a good employee, and further, a concerned and admirable citizen. It was a very good idea to call the number on the back of one of the company vehicles. IT SHOULDN'T MATTER that the call came from you...

This lady needed to be stopped, and something had to be done. You only lied to maintain anonymity, and you shouldn't be punished for it. Further, nobody should have even brought up the fact that the call was traced to your phone number. I believe you were discriminated & retaliated against when you got suspended over this.

You should contact a lawyer and sue. Further, you should take your honesty and concern for the well being of others and find yourself another job. I feel so sorry for your situation. I'm sending you peaceful vibes from New Jersey.

Keep smiling, and keep being a good person. :) mu


My husband works for a reputable Pep Boys. Unfortunatly, the auto repair industry is commission based and you will find thieves in any organization.

My husband worked at a Monroe Muffler whose manager would rip people off, he left there very quickly. Some mechanics try ripping you off, others simply don't know what they are doing.


I am an employee in Southern California, I have worked for Pep Boys for several years. How can you expect a service writer to give you a fair and honest estimate of work needed when they have been taken from making a living to minimum wage and you get 2% commission on sales of service.

They have set the employee up to cheat the customer to make ends meat....... OH, but check out the most recent financial report, they made money last quater 2010...

not by sales or satified customers, but cutting the employee's salary and benefits.... sorry but true

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