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Pep Boys service advisors are being pressured to ripp customers off for upper management.This place is pure evil.

We are constanly pressured to seel alignments and the mechanics are forced to performed alignments on cars that have worn suspension parts-if the customer complains it easy to do a refund-as long as the sale was made its goes on record as 1 alignment sold and upper management is happy. Advisors are being to sell brakes packages that includes services the customer may not need or be interested in.

Beware of the proline oil filters-many are defective and Pep Boys choose to ignore the problem.The free oil change with 2 tire purchase is using recycled oil-not a major name brand.

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Still employed with pepboys , this is true. Had several incidents between customers and some advisors do to the rip off, but as an employee we can still make a difference and gain the customers trust even if we have to defy the pep system. Employees like us have a short life span at Pepboys.

Prattville, Alabama, United States #865328

I've had the exact same issue at my store.Underpaid and forced to replace peoples parts that aren't needed.

As well as alignments on vehicles with bad suspension parts.

Richardson, Texas, United States #835836

Nothing but a bunch of lies, from an ex employee who was fired for not doing their job

to jojo #1223188

Pep Boys sucks


Working for Pepboys is ok but the pay for a really good mechanic that above the level of there so call master tech and training there other tech and fixing on all there come back from there master tech . But when you ask for more money they throw Ase In you face in you face to keep from paying you what you or worth to them I guess you make them money so they don't care about your money I think a good mechanic is a good mechanic paper or no papers it what it is ...


Noone ever has to lie to anyone. There are no such "quotas" as some of you have put it. Are there daily sales and service goals? Absolutely. In that respect, name a corporately owned company or auto service franchise for that matter (automotive retailer or service provider/repair facility) that does NOT set goals for their management team and the employees. Don't worry, I'll wait...

Every single place from mom & pops facilities to dealerships (some of the smaller ones don't have such goals, but are rather set by the individuals who actually want to go somewhere with the company, or in their own personal life) have some sort of goals for different items or services. Most of you posting here are full of ***. I've lied before, and I've done things to my customer's vehicles (most of which I did when I was a mechanic, and in my younger years) that I NEVER should have done. I also learned from those things and realized that we always have a choice. I don't have to lie to a single customer. I won't go into detail about how I sell service, then all you dependent people out there will start leeching and following. Be an individual, and find your own way to do what you have to do to sell service, but make sure you stay true to your character and what's right. It's not easy if you were once a piece of *** like myself, but it CAN be done.

In the previous quarter, I was the #2 service advisor in an area of 127 advisors/asst. managers, and since acheiving that...

Tell it like it is and let the rest fall into place. Stop trying to control everything and you'll feel alot better about what you do and in turn, you'll stop worrying about who you work for, but rather what you work for.

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Pep boys upper management are stinking rotton crooks, hope they get caught sooner than later :(


I'm a driver.Yes, they have quotas.

Upper management protect their own, and when hours get cut, the peons are the first to suffer. Oh, by the way, the part-timers are losing their medical insurance by January 2014.

This from human resources mouth, "it doesn't meet the minimums set by the government".WTH

Whitehall, Pennsylvania, United States #747227

Pep boys is a terrible place to work.I have been with the company 7 years and it just constantly gets worse.

Working flat rate, I spend 55-60 hours a week at this place and only make 30 some hours. They make you punch out at 40 hours and stay late all the time to finish jobs which they promised the customers would be done. Also if you try to eat lunch they shove work orders in your face and say it has to be done now,it's a waiter! All the service writers are young kids who feed all the good work to their buddies, and pay them for jobs that I do.

Labor has been cut on so many jobs that a tech has to work twice as hard to break even. As the only experienced mechanic I spend most of my time fixing other peoples comebacks, lending out tools, and holding hands of morons.

I have told these problems to management up to district level and they just don't care.I only wish this company would change but I am afraid it never will.

to Gordy #975143

Im a csa and told need to sell n if not my work order I dont get commission ..when others cant be found or hands in pockets ..dont seem fair just because u take a call on the phone u own that work order ....

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