I have worked at Pep Boys now for 5 years, in 3 different Pep Boys stores in 2 different states. They are all the same. Customer service (aside from myself, of course) is just horrible. It's a joke. They do NOT care about their customers. The service department is even more of a joke, really. They ONLY care about MONEY! Probably because they are going broke fast. They will absolutely lie to you to get as much money as possible. They have even tried it on me, and I am an employee! Every last part in the store is very cheap & way overpriced.

Also, Pep Boys did not give ANY employees raises this year. Even the managers were not given any kind of pay increase. Employees who have worked for the company for 10+ years are quitting left and right. The CFO and the CEO both resigned recently. Even they know that the company is failing. I am 99% sure that the entire company will be history in the near future..

From the inside, honestly, go to Autozone..

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I work for Pep Boys and like any other retail Company that I have worked for, everything is based on sales. The wonderful thing about being a grown up is that we have choices.

It didn't work for you so move on.

Don't try and discourage other people because you had a horrible experience. Just move on!!!!!


Any and Everyone who has something good to say about Pep Boys probably work at PeP Boys.PeP Boys "SUCK BIG TIME".I have only been to PeP Boys once and Believe me that once was enough.My vehicle is alway's clean and Well kept.These unprofessional *** fool's tried to *** me.When i informed them that they were liers they get's angry and Tell me they will call the Police on me.I reply please do so they can see what type of *** you are running.To PeP Boys If you need money that bad borrow it from someone,Do not try to *** people out of their "HARD EARNED MONEY".Another thing i noticed about Pep Boys when you catch them in a lie,They get very agitated.'SCREW PEP BOYS".They do not deserve to be in "Business" at all.

to Anonymous Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States #914366

You need a bullet in the back of your head. When you know what its like to work at "flat rate" let me know. Till then just *** off and die.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #641643

Apparently none of you have been in another state other than NY. Not all Pepboys are like that only some but that's the same with any retail/service place.

I have never had an issue with the Pepboys in Va. I have been going there for 20 years and my family went there before that. There have been a few people who didn't know enough but there was always someone there who did.Also, they can only work with what they get.

If your car is a peice of junk there is not much they can do. Its still going to be junk they are not miracle workers!


most of you sound like whinning bitcxes

to Anonymous Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #615279

I see the pep boys were able to secure over 200 million in lines of corrupt bank credit although consumers cant ,Id say Bank of America corrupt wheelchair foreclosure bank was able to give them credit.For those out there that don't know Bank America gave over 21 million in bonuses to the CEOs and foreclosed on persons in wheel chairs (wrongfully) the USA FEDS covered up for them possibly Eric Cantor white house and friends of bankers in Governments.Avoid Bank America and pep boys" good for us all :(

Los Angeles, California, United States #590789

Most of you sound like whinning ***

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #590819

Dot Heads are not smart enough.


I used to work for Pep Boys from 2004 to 2008. Unfortunately the same is true with my experience. My coworkers and I worked very well as a team together (with the exception of management who ruthlessly only cared about themselves and numbers).

Many customers came to have their cars worked on because of us. Well, low and behold, Pep Boys would later accuse the whole Service Desk of stealing from them by means of stealing labor (is this even possible?) for working on our own cars and supposedly "hooking up" our friends with discounts.

I personally never "hooked up" anyone unless they had a legitimate complaint and it was approved by the manager. I have later come to find out that Pep Boys now allows their employees to work on their own vehicles as long as they pay for the parts.

So what do you have to say now about the $5000+ worth of my own labor that you say I supposedly stole from you? What a joke and a bunch of crooks. Even after their Loss Prevention team fired the whole Service Desk, they went ahead and called the police on us, and had us all charged with larceny and they wanted "retribution"!

It was a phony case from the beginning but in the end it cost me $5000 in lawyers fees just to get the case dismissed! Even 4 yrs later, a much more rewarding job, and a better life, thinking back to my experiences here STILL leaves a bad taste in my mouth for them putting a bad name on me.

Their products and services are a joke as well. Products are the cheapest things around and you can find better products for less at any parts store. Service work is dependent on the crew at that specific store, I can say our mechanics were actually good to go.

It's the corporate side that are really a bunch of greedy *** and I definitely am surprised the store I used to work at is even still open. I have heard that business took a significant hit after we all got fired though and apparently has never really recovered.

to Never Again Saint Albans, New York, United States #619986

take legal action then

to Never Again Saint Albans, New York, United States #619993

some of u nasty *** customer should clean your nasty *** cars and suvs out before having someone go in side of it and drive it in for service. i been in over a 1000+ cars and seen it all from ashes from *** and cigarettes, garbage,paper,sex toys,mud,dog fur in every seat i never thought people were that nasty thats why seat covers and floor mat are place inside ur cars we dont need to get your sickness .

to Never Again Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #641645

Obviously you were fired for a reason. And they can only work on their cars off the clock!

to Never Again Brooklyn, New York, United States #642041

what were your managers names? any by the name of allen or John (J) you dont have to identify yourself..

im just wondering if you had the same bull *** *** boss's as me.. :?


hey pepboys is aplace for poor mechanichs to waste customer's time & mony. :( :(

to akbar Sacramento, California, United States #584883

well we can tell who was fired, and akbar,(aka) p.o.s, learn to spell.


:cry They always take of me. Seems like they won't only if you're completely outlandish.


I like Pep Boys


Part costs x at parts counter part costs x + %30 to have it installed not even counting the labor. Ya'll *** ***! Peop Bpys does everything for less and that Include Losin one customer at a time.

Ellenburg Center, New York, United States #428739

Ordered parts from warehouse. They told me they would be in the day after tomorrow.

2 weeks went by. had them refund.

went to local Ma & Pa store and walked out with parts in hand. Never order parts there.

to Monroeville ***sumer Babylon, New York, United States #584991

pepboys dose an amazing the person who help you must not know there job cause i go in ordering parts and there in the next day

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