I am a Pep Boys Employee for a store in texas. The store i work at is the best store in Texas.

Our customers are very pleased with our work, our prices, our speed, and our employees. My shop is always neet clean and right on time with service agreements.

All of the pitty party me on here is just one big attention grabber tyring to slander the Pep Boys name and it is quite funny to actually see people complaining about it. Come to my store and i will personally take care of all of your purchase and service needs>.

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ummmm, pep boys is the dumping ground for those that cant get jobs at real shops. pep boys is a parts store with a few ill qualified "parts changers".

Why anyone would take a car to pep boys for more than maybe tires, windshield wipers, or an oil change is perplexing. its a full retail shop, parts x5 is the business model, the techs might flag 12-15$ book time.(book says 2 hrs. they get paid 2 hrs. if it takes 10 hours, they get paid 2 hrs.)i personally get 50% of labor commission.

cant do better than that.

but i am qualified, and i am worth it. you give a monkey a handgun and it shoots someone, you cant blame the monkey.


Speed? It took them over 4 hrs just to rotate tires and do an oil change and inspect air conditioning unit and sold me a part I did not need.

On top of that oil change came with free 25 point inspection and my windshield washer fluid was not even filled.... Do what did they do?


Do you truly think people have nothing better to do with their time than throw themselves "Pity" parties? Our cars are an essential part of our lives, and incompetent $7 an hour mechanics are not held accountable for their mistakes.

One lone Pep Boys in the Lone Star state does not make up for the majority of untrained incompetent mechanics nationwide.

Kudos to you for your "neet" and on time service. Save your laughter and humor "quite funny" remarks for some real humor.


U have a little brown on your nose

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