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I take good care of my car it never broke down on me until i took it to pepboys. my car was towed back to pepboys two times and they still could not fix my car, this is really a shame such a big company.

Anyway after fighting with them for what seemed like months, they said go to your mechanic and have him diagnose the issue i was having huh hello! thats why i bought my car to you guys. so now get rid of me because i paid u guys already ok.

Heres the cap i took my car to another shop. I paid them to fix my car and it runs fine now.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Pep Boys quoted me a price for a new starter for about $575. I showed them a price from another repair shop for a new starter/labor for $405. Pep Boys said they would beat that quote by 5% so I paid $390 for a new starter.

About 35 days later car would not start one day for about 15 minutes. I ignored this and about 55 days after starter was installed car would not start again and I was stranded in a national forest for 20 hours. I got a jump start and then replaced my battery but then the car did not seem to want to start a day or two after new battery was installed.

Took car back to Pep Boys and they said starter was ruined and I needed a new flywheel but starter was still under 90 warranty but they wanted about $1,050 to replace/fix flywheel

Did their new starter ruin my flywheel or did my damaged flywheel ruin their new starter? Why did they not look at my flywheel before their new starter was installed?

I told them I did not want the repair done on that particular day and they said they were not going to charge me for the labor to find out my flywheel was damaged as if they were making an exception for me.

I went somewhere else and got a new starter, flywheel and clutch put in for about $1,600. I did not want Pep Boys to make this repair even though I had to pay for a new starter somewhere else.

I wasted $390 of precious money for a starter that lasted less than 2 months.

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