Tyler, Texas

I've been in this business for 22 years! If there is one *** ***, it the customer!

We get so many *** *** people who think they know there car or truck, when really they are *** *** rednecks who think they know it all. Auto service is hard! Pleasing the general *** public is even harder. People are mindless *** sheep!

You *** *** sheep buy these *** *** cars and expect a miracle from the guys at Pep Boys!

People are ***! We take the time to fix there POS! Then they get angry because they have a piece of ***!

If you buy GM OR CHRYSLER!

YOU ARE ***! Take it like the *** YOU ARE!

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True as can be.

Buy Japanese and you are OK.


you are obviously a retard your self!! its kind of funny how the only cars I have had that are reliable are GM products and that is not just me its everyone I know. chrysler on the other hand does suck but GM made a lot of good cars and trucks.and your full of it I used to work for pep boys and it was never like that when i worked there grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old and do your job then maybe your paycheck would reflect your effort you lazy retard!If it was that bad you wouldnt still be there so grow a set of balls and suck it up and take a little responsibility for the *** job you do!


You guys are two *** weanies. Wow.

Glad to know you think so much of the customer. And your grammar is impeccable.

You do know how to spell, right? Good luck in Cell Block D.


If the gteneral public could understand the endless stream of requirements and rules that pepboys employees must follow they may be a bit more understanding of a stressed employee, for example, if a customer is not perfectly satisfied every time and if these same customers dont rate their experience as perfect then the employee will suffer a loss of commision, even if the employee had nothing to do with the situation that the customer finds objectionable. pepboys routinely loses multiple employees from a store.

They simply walk out once they see their extremely poor pay check. It is little wonder that customers find the service experience very poor. Poor pay gets poor quality employees and witholding comission money because some disgruntled customer rated their experience outside of the rigid and arbitrary customer service standards is unfair to the employee. I have an exapmle, mr customer purchases a set of thires and some other stuff for his car.

mr customer is treated professionally and fairly, mr customer leaves content with his experience, mr customer gets a follow up phone call from pepboys and is asked to answer a few questions about his experience by using a scale of 1-10 10 being the best. mr customer answers the questions with what to most people would be a good to very good rating of 8 out of 10. pepboys takes any result less than a 9 out of 10 as a failure and penalizes the employee with a zero score for the survey. this also penalizes the earned comission that the employee believes he has earned, this can amount to thousands of dollars that an employee wil lose, sometimes permanently.

pepboys is a poor choice for most people for just about anything especially employment.

just get an employee to open up to you about it. then you will see the real truth of the matter.


What kind of car people own has nothing to do with them needing repairs. EVERY manufacturer has a less-than-perfect car.

You two t**d sandwiches need to lighten up. We don't have one of your stores where I live, and from the sounds of things, I'm glad we don't


Way to go!!! People are *** especially if they buy GM or Chrysler.

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