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Pep Boys Car Part Replacement Review from San Antonio, Texas

On April 22nd I went in to PepBoys to have the low and high beam bulbs replace and to get a state inspection. I was told that they replaced the head lamp for the low beam but that neither of my high beams were working and that I needed an electrical inspection for $89. After the inspection I was told that my relay needed replacing which would cost $44 for the relay and $30 for the labor. They also said that I needed a head lamp. I reminded them that they had replace the headlamps on my last visit and they produced the receipt showing the replacement of two headlamps in October. I told them that I had my car for 15 years and I know that headlamps don't need replacing every 6 months. I decided to leave PepBoys and yet had to pay $150 even though my purpose in coming in (lights that work and a state inspection certificate had not been done). I went to a local mechanic recommended by a friend. Without a fee for electrical inspection, he told me that my relay was not defective but missing. He replaced it for $14 with $17 labor a difference in price of $44 from Pep Boys. Next he replaced the high beam bulb on one side for $12 but he informed me that the bulb on the other side had been glued in since the socket was cracked. You may recall that the last time my head light burned out in October 2015, it was PepBoys that replaced the headlamps but apparently only glued in the bulb while charging me for a headlamp or broke the socket and fixed it with glue. I have had my service done at this Pep Boys since I moved to Texas 4 years ago and used PepBoys in Utah when I lived there. After this experience, I wonder how much of my money spent in your business has been legitimate and how much was just sucker pricing. Make no doubt about it, I will never return to your establishment again!
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Pep Boys Car Part Replacement