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My husband took our PT Cruiser to Pep Boys to get a low speed fan relay replaced. They put the computer analyzer on it and that particular code came up.

They talked my husband into a $35 Test. Instead of replacing the relay, they were trying to talk my husband into some other test that would cost another $197! End result, they refused to replace the relay unless we gave permission for this test! He was told, "Our technicians need to make money, too." Are you kidding me?!

A simple fix is all we needed.

They have permanently lost this customer! NEVER AGAIN!!!

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Lake Worth, Florida, United States #829506

Pepboys does not change parts unless they know 100% what the problem is. They have to do this to avoid people like you from complaining the car wasnt fix when the part was just simply swapped.

Any true mechanic performs a diag to figure out the true problem. mabey somthing caused the relay to go bad?

Mabey theres a bad connector or wiring or motor,know one knows until they physically check wich means labor time wich means the guy needs to get paid. Im sure that is what they were trying to tell you, everybody thinks its as simple as plug the car into this magical machine and it will tell you whats wrong lol.

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