Sacramento, California
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I took my car to the Pep Boys on Arden Way in Sacramento, Ca to fix the front brakes. They have been squeaking so loud it was embarrassing. They told me they'd do a free inspection and then proceed to fix what was wrong. An hour later, the guy called and said my breaks were excellent and that all that was needed was an adjustment and some cleaning...very strange.

Assuming he knew what he was talking about I was a bit relieved that a whole bunch of work was not required. He said the car was ready for me to pick it up. When I got there, my car was still in the shop up on the lift with the hood up and all the wheels removed. The lady said the guy who was working on my car left for lunch and left someone else in charge who evidently also went to lunch. She said she'd call in about an hour when they got back and it'd be done by then.

Two hours later, after waiting around for the phone call, I decided to drive over there and see what was up. Sure enough, my car was in the exact same position still stripped of its wheels!

The guy that was there this time said everyone had gone home and he didn't know anything about my car!! No one has passed along the information or anything! They just abandoned it there!

About another 1/5 hour later, they finally got my car out, oh, and with a brand new dent in the driver side door...

After all was said and done (no charge thank god) my brakes still squeak!!

Lousy service...Bad Quality! Do Not Go Here!

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the 2 remarks below where made by grown, childish, ungrateful, erectile dysfunctional jerks that have been touched as a child, or maybe still are, by their priest!


I know who you are and I will keep giving bad service to the general public, because they are *** suckers.


I am a Pepboys lackey instructed to leave positive messages about Pepboys in order to keep taking your money and providing you with bad service and shoddy repairs.

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