Phoenix, Arizona
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I called 602-867-7985 on Bell RD Phoenix, Az. the call was answered quick enough but I counted 13 please hold then a break like someone was answering then more musac and advertisements then a click pause again thinking some was answering but then please hold.

I hung up on the thirteenth routine. That is frustrating not to mention a lot of people like myself pay for our mins. No monthly charge. 2 other competitors answered with a person in two delays each.Loss is time time you can't put a price on.Reason for complaint hope they will fix it.

I like doing business with Pep Boys.

Monetary Loss: $1.

  • auot repair
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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #701387

I went to that same pep-boys and received horable service . I purchased a fan for my car that was put in wrong..after spending nearly 900.00..When I returned I received the worst customer service..I don't appreciate the lack of cutomer and I will NEVER spend a dime with them again!

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