Los Angeles, California

I went in to the pep boys in Redlands Ca. to by a generator.

Iv been looking every where for a little generator i was in three days ago and it was priced at $119.00. When I came back to buy it they had to large signs and a big display with the same price on it. The sign didnt say it was on sale or anything. I went to the register to buy the generator and it rang up $149.00 I told the girl it was wrong and she sent the manager to go check.

when walking back there he said it had a $20.00 rebate thats what it was suppost to be.

The sign said nothing about a rebate and even with that rebate it dosent bring it down to $119.00 The manager said i had to pay the price in the computer no exceptions if i want it thats what i have to pay. He was so rude and especially the way the economy is you think they would want to keep customers.


Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Schuyler, Nebraska, United States #15519

Hey Autosniper! What, do you work for the company?

Every comment you make is always negative to the consumer! Hope to *** nothing ever happens to you , you ***. If you havent figured it out on your own then let me spell it out for you: NOT EVERY COMPANY IS OUT TO RIP OFF THE CONSUMER, BUT THERE ARE SOME.

I hope you to will find the agrivating headsache of a company that wants nothing but your money and no customer satisfaction. ***!


Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #14980

And I'm sure you never made a mistake before. Geez...quit crying. :cry

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