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Had new tires put on a 2010 Ford Escape after being told that a flat could not be fixed. Service time was fine. Got home and checked tire pressure because car steered much easier than with old tires. Tires were cold and pressure measured near 50 pounds in all four. Adjusted to car manufacturer rec's at 30 pounds. No other problems other than

an annoying tire pressure sensor fault light coming on occasionally. Told them that I never had a sensor problem before they replaced tires.

They told me they would investigate the problem. I was afraid to let them touch it. My next experience with tire pressure issues was upon having my oil changed. Upon speaking to attendant about what oil I wanted, I was told that synthetic came with a free tire rotation. Note, I paid for free tire rotation for life when I bought the tires from them. Having never used synthetic before, I had no idea it was so expensive. Note that PepBoys does not advertise prices on their oil change prices above their service desk. My fault for not asking. Selected synthetic and was shocked at price. Was told that the tires were rotated. Upon leaving for vacation the next day, noted excessive vibration in the steering wheel at 70 mph. Upon arriving at my destination, I took the car to a Goodyear service center. I told them about the problem. The attendant looked at the front tires and before doing anything else, pointed out that the tires were over inflated. Upon measurement cold, tire pressure was 50 pounds on all four. (Note previous mention of over inflation when tires were intsalled). I had Goodyear check balance and correct inflation and all

was well afterward. By the way, they also said that the wear patterns were more worn on front than rear. (Note that this was the first tire rotation and that this is a front wheel drive car. Wear pattern on front is normally always greater on this type drive train.) Had Goodyear rotate. This after PepBoys said they rotated them. I am now suspicious of PepBoys Niles, Ohio. I will not go back to them again. They put my safety in jeopardy and I will not tolerate that. Too bad because they are conveniently located near me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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