Waxahachie, Texas

I went to this location 10/10/2011 seeking to find out why my vehicle all of sudden begin to shake and mis-fire. I was told vehicle 2004 GMC Envoy needed a tune-up.

This requires placing the vehicle on a computer. They charge additional besides tune-up, of which consists of changing spark plugs. When picked up my vehicle that evening it drove worst. So I took vehicle back to Pep Boys.

They then assessed that the vehicle ignition coil needed replacing. On top of that they now recommend left outer tie rod be replaced.

This involves another overcharge for labor and a computerizwized wheel alignment. They also suggested to overcharge me to replace fuel filter. The job lasted from October until the end of feb when I noticed that the left front where outer tire rod had been replace wire sticking out of tire.

Worn on the inside. The tire was new, cost was over $150 including mounting. The rear right middle was a new tire also and now was nearly bald in the middle. Took vehicle back in March 5 2012.

Told they could see what was making the tires wear but nothing about there gurantee to make things right. A Small claims court is the only recourse against a company who insists on ripping off members of a community.

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So what does the front end repairs have to do with your "tuneup"? Why did you have them replace the tierod if you are going to complain about it saying they ripped you off. They probably noticed it had play and recommended replacement, also an alignment is required after this repair, your vehicle is 8 years old and not a new car- if you don't want to deal with repair problems buy a new car


Used to work there. Screwing people is what they do best.All the other similar stores are all the same. Find a local garage,stick with one.You'll be money ahead.

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