stole my rewbate do not trust them,their buy three and get one free is a rip off and i will never shop there again,customer service was no help when i explained to them i was in the hospital and the rebate was the last thing on my mind ,they took advantage of that situation and refused me my fourth tire free because of a missed deadline .is there no loyalty to the cust.That is the type of cust service that will ruin them.I worked for a very large retailer5 and we strove to take care of the cust whenever possible because we knew it would come back to us and the cust was our bread and butter,but obviously this management is ignorant to the cust...never again three stooges, will you see my money

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I have had nothing but trouble when it comes to rebates from the Pep Boys Rebate Center. They are not reasonable people if you try to call them and it takes an excessive mount of time to even get a reply by mail.

Fortunately the local stores were able to give store credit instead. I would not go through this rebate center again.


Sorry I misspelled some words. I apologize for my errors.

:)I was trying to type way too fast. Sorry


Rebates are the custoemr's repsonsibilty to read, follow, and fill out the information properly. There is even a phone number and a website to check the status of the rebate. Yes, I work for them and we get beat up all the time over customers not keeping up with rebates or even the history of work done to their vehicles. Yes we have a responsibility to the customers for certain things, but at what point does the customer assume responsibility for keeping up with their own possessions? Especially in some cases where a vehicle is their second most valuable asset. There is always a way to solve matters 1-800-PEP-BOys will assist in any matter that can not be handled at store level, but please don't go in the store like some do and go off cussing us out. It gets old after a while to deal with people getting in your face. How many of you have known doctors who have misdiagnosed patients before? I haven't heard of anyone cussing them out or running up to their office demanding money back. We deserve repsect in the automotive world too! Thanks for your business and give us another chance, Pep Boys is a great company and we are human and will make mistakes, but we all can have a bady day. Please give us a chance. Thank You

With Repsect,

A tired, beat down Pep Boys Service Manager


I sent in my rebate forms and the sales receipt, never received the rebate Visa Card I was supposed to get. Totally forgot about it and when I went back to PepBoys for service I finally remembered...so far I made 3 follow up calls, today I was told since the card was now expired that they couldn't do anything for me.

I guess it was sent to me, at least so I am told! PepBoys has $ 133 of my money floating around and won't release it! Go Pep Boys, I will never refer anyone else or go there ever again! I guess it doesn't matter that I have been giving them my business and my money for 10+ years!

Who needs customer loyalty these days anyway? I bet there is another company just waiting for me to call for a service appt!


I got my rebate in 1 month and so did my wife. No problem with Pep Boy and the service. Was very pleased.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #234876

Had the best of service and product from Discount Tire & Big O Tires. Wouldn't go anywhere else.


I purchased rainex lattitudes windshield wipers from Pep-Boys. They were advertised in store and in flyer as buy one get one half off at about $20.00 a piece.

The employee at Pep boys kindly explained the rebate process what to do and where to send information. I mailed the next day and now received a post card stating, "We appreciate your purchase, but your submission for the Pep Boys rebate offer was declined for the following reason(s) The purchase date on the receipt is not within the valid dates of this offer." Well if this is the case then Pep Boys is committing fraud or falsely advertising their products. I have read over 50 complaints from others stating similar responses to Pep Boys rebates.

I know its only 9 to 10 dollars but its the principal.

Manny needs to get his thumb out of Mo's *** and then maybe they can pay the rebates that they advertise and stop scamming who knows how many people. I can guarantee i will never step foot inside that establishment again.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #126786

did you try to contact the service manager? if no help contact customer support, and give them your info.


Lets see .. you could get the tires put on your car before going to the hospital.Right?

But you couldn't send the rebate in before? I guess i am the only one who thinks if i send it in now , i'll get it quicker.

Or did you get your tires on the way to the hospital?

I work for a large company who deals with rebates and we here all kinds of stories.If your story is true , blame the liars before you for making us distrust you.


Pep Boys ripped my off for $100.00 rebate


"stole my rewbate" learn how to spell and maybe the rebate would have come to the right address.




Those bastards !


You know, the store manager has the power to take care of customers with special circumstances such as this! Managers that don't separate the good store managers from the ones and the ones on the way OUT! Seems this customer just went to the wrong Pep Boys store!


Plus, the rebate was probably being offered by the tire manufacturer and Pep Boys would be powerless to circumvent the manfacturer's deadline on coupons. You got cuaght by an unusual chain of circumstances that were not the fault of Pep Boys.


I agree, I guess we should all ignore instructions, that way the world would work better, right? ***.


Guess you should of turned it in on time huh? You might of been in the hospital, but it is still your responsibility.

The rebates clearly state in big letters when they expire! Were you getting you eyes checked in the hospital?

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