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Got a bunch if stuff at PepBoys and sent in the rebate forms. I have had great results with rebates from PepBoys in the past.

These rebates were from Peak products, anti-freeze, inverters, spotlights and jump packs. Got the antifreeze rebate already and the Castrol oil but nothing yet on any of the others. All rebates were sent on time and I have copies of all.

What a pain in the *** it is trying to get the rebate from Peak. I would buy from PepBoys if the rebates came from them but doubt I will if it comes from Peak.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You *** ***. Its obvious the rebates are not over-due ,or you would have stated that. Your an impatient ***!!!!


Bill, we have the same case.. bought 5 power inverters, submitted 3 rebate forms (prepared by the cashier), but only two (1 rebate form) was paid.

I called customer relations maybe 3 or 4 times to explain what happened. Customer Relations was not able to help. I requested them to escalate the issue to next level management.

After a week (after escalation of the issue to next level management), I got a refund of the 3 power inverters. Hope you'll get your refund too.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


I bought five (5) of the Peak 100 Watt Power Inverters, expecting to get a rebate for each. The cashier gave me three manufacturer's rebate slips for the Peak Power Inverters.

Each of these rebate slips said that they could be used to request a rebate for a maximum of two (2) each. The cashier reaffirmed that the limit was five (5) as stated in their ad and told me that's why she gave me three rebate slips for this product. I submitted all three slips, but have just received a check from Peak for only two (2) units. I called Peak and was told that the limit is two (2) rebates per individual on that product.

I was told that I would have to ask Pep Boys why they said in their ad that there was a limit of five (5) on that item. When I went back to the store, I was told they don't know why the ad said there was a limit of five (5) on that item as there is a limit of two (2) as it says on the rebate slip. I was told that the ad may have been a misprint and that I needed to ask the Pep Boys corporate office about this as the ad is put together at the corporate office.

I called Pep Boys Customer Relations (800-737-2697) and opened a case. They said someone will get back to me.


Have you called the store to take care of this?


If you don't get your Peak rebate, complain to the Better Business Bureau in the city where Pep Boys is headquartered.

Also, take the Peak inverter back to the store for a refund. *** at the manager if they don't comply with your refund request.


I submitted a $25 rebate in November, but still have not received my Peak 400 Watt TG Power Inverter rebate. Instead, I received a post card, saying "The sales receipt submitted did not demonstrate purchase of the product required for the rebate."

I have copies of the receipt and rebate form.

The receipt can't get any more clear -- the rebate item in question is right there in black and white.

Peak / Pep Boys is jacking with customers by not fulfilling rebates. A Better Business Bureau and online complaints will be forthcoming.


That doesn't sound like something that is the fault of Pep Boys if it is a MANUFACTURER rebate. Don't put the blame where it doesn't belong.


Rebate status, call: 1-888-829-1420

My rebate finally came. :) :) :)


Call this number for your status rebate:


Finally, it came. :) :) :)


Same thing, but i didnt keep copies, just mailed it in, to Peak.

is there anywhere to check the status?


There was a problem with the black friday ad. My PEAK power inverter rebate was invalid according to PEAK rebate center.

They only accept rebates for two power inverters but based on what is printed on black friday ad, "FREE after $20.. Limit 5".

after many phone discussions, escalated the issue to pep boys customer service and still waiting for response.. :(


Same here, I am still waiting for my rebate. :( :cry


Im still waiting on all of mine as well! I havent even received the antifreeze yet.

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