Sunnyvale, California

The pep boys in San Jose California is stealing from customers. Be aware of the store not doing work that was payed for and being charged twice for service.

I went to pep boys to have a battery changed. I decided to also get wipers replaced. The counter person was very polite and offered to place them on my car free of charge. After the battery was replaced and supposedly wipers replaced I left the store.

On my way home it started to rain. I noticed the wipers did not function any better then before, continued streaking,etc... . After inspecting them it was clear none of them had been replaced.

After noticing the wipers where not replaced, I examined the bill closer and found that they had charged me twice for battery installation and the wipers that had not been replaced.

Needless to say I confronted the counter person and he bold faced lied about the service. But I did get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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They steal from customer's cars too. I went to the pep boys in Salt lake City to get my car's cooling system checked because it had a cracked radiator (the 3rd 1 in a couple of months).

I talked to the service desk and they told me that they would be able to test it etc and work out what's wrong with the car to cause it to crack 3 radiators.

I had my leatherman on the dash of the car and when I got the car back was too busy dealing with the fact that I had wait 2 hours for a guy at pep boys to test my car and tell me the radiator was cracked and I should get it replaced. I didn't notice it was gone until a few days later.

So much for service! I paid them to tell me something I had told them 2 hours eariler then they stole my 80 dollars pocked knife.


im 99% positive there is two things on ur receipt. 1.

prostart starting/charging system analysis 2.

battery installation service both at a price of $14.99 number 1 is a test to make sure the battery is bad and its not ur alternator before you complain that u say pepboys said u needed a battery and it didnt fix the problem. when we run the test we get the voltage on ur alternator to make sure its putting out enough volts.


OK- maybe honest mistake- Why do you people go online and make a HUGE thing out of ***! I'm sure people complain about you at your job when you *** up. Give em a break


Why wouldn't you just put your own wiper blades on? It takes about 2 minutes, and you can buy any kind you want from your local walmart. Same with your battery, go get one from anywhere you want, *** your + and - cable, and put it in.

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