Secaucus, New Jersey

don't go to the parsippany location they take way to long and f@$#$ up your car or truck went for front brakes and the truck sounds like they put on metal brakes non stop grinding went back with truck and still waiting for them to look at it been here for 5 hours now i am stuck don't have a truck and been walking the store they have nothing for me to do when they see me comming they all walk in back or the team up on another customer. I am about to go out frot and tell everyone that comes in here to leave and go some were else to bad r&s closed down next door

Monetary Loss: $350.

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They are expected to provide you with something to do? What do you want, a puzzle or sumtin?

to Joe Smith #861001

I work in parsippany and the people in that town want everything for free and they want it now. Especially if their last name is Patel.

Lol. I've been to that pep boys for oil changes before, they do just fine for me and are always respectful and fair. People just have to be mindful that it's a busy store and they aren't the only customer. I work retail in that town and I think there is something in the water supply.

Not to mention that the Hindus are the worst customers and that whole town is referred to as little India. I hate the people in parsippany.

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