East Providence, Rhode Island

I am writing this email to express my disgust with pep boys.

My father brough his car for an alignment and brakes. After dropping off the car, about an hour after, someone left me a voice mail stating the car does not start. The car had no problems. It always starts and never had any electric issues.

I called back to find out they had estimated the damage to be $1,900. There was a ton of things wrong with the car and apparently they had to be fixed. Obviously, my father could not dish out that much money at a time. So we decided to get done what must be done. They did the breaks, fuse box, changed a few wires around, and a tune up.

Two days after we return to pick up the car to find out that the transmission was almost dead. The car had no horse power and it almost died at the intersection.

We returned to the store and left the car overnight, again.

The next day we picked up the car, it was running a little better after the transmission flush, however, the transmission problem persists.

The car is now stopped waiting for another mechanic to take a look at it and try to figure out what those guys at pep boys actually did.

My father is extremely aggravated, after dishing out $850, and now there's a possible transmission problem.

I am very displeased with the store and the service. When I returned to the store for some answers, the mechanic had no idea what was going on and could not even tell me exactly what had been done to the car.

I will NEVER returned there for any service, and will tell everyone I can about this awful experience.

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Some Common Sense

both John and Mike are correct!

no one knows how many miles on the vehicle and or your original complaint, other than alignment and brakes, that HE may have had with the vehicle!

second... have YOU, or ANYONE else ever had your car not start?

if so... you never had the problem before right? always started fine for you too... huh?

well... did you blame THAT one on pepboys as well? a NO START condition can happen at ANY time! even if it IS on pepboys parking lot!

i understand you may be angry, but maybe to the WRONG people.

BUT, you said something wrong with wiring? maybe, what ever is going on with wiring issue, just might be the cause of ALL of your problems. if the vehicle has high mileage and has never had a transmission fluid service, the doing so can and will make a transmission service cause it to fail, even the manufacturer of almost every vehicle will tell you that, just go to a dealership and ask them yourself.

please just use some what????

Some Common Sense before making such accusations and demeaning posts without all the information one would need to be "on your side"


The assertion that this car never had any prior mechanical problems does not ring true. Most of the problems you are describing (transmission/electrical) are problems that have been developing over a long period of time. Since this car does not belong to you, or is even driven by you, how could any of your complaints have any merit.


pep boys does not do transmission work - thats prob why they did not know about your transmission. Btw horsepower has nothing to do with ur transmission.

Brake job cannot damage a transmission and the fuse box has nothing to do with the issues you have.

The government has a program for people with your problem. Its called cash for clunkers.

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