Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4 brand new tires and I end up with a bubble while out of state. They refused to removed the tire unless i paid a fee.

I dont want any of the tires and I want my money back and they can have the tires. I do not feel comfortable or safe driving with the tires on my car. I am looking for a solution to getting my money back. Tires pLUS OR STS will be my new tire purchase places.

I will never buy anything else from PepBoys. Not even windshield washer fluid, wiper blades or anything else..................and I mean that. All My friends, family, associates, students, who ever will listen will know about this.

Facebook , twitter. EVERYBODY....

Monetary Loss: $382.

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So your pretty much pissed at this company beacuse you damaged your tire and they won't replace it for free due to it being your fault? Sorry to tell you this buddy but bubbles in tires happen because of a impact in the tire causing a belt to break and a tear in the first layer of rubber inside the tire. think your the one to blame in this situation


thanks for taking the time to write your experence about pepboys. i am looking to buy some more tires for my car and was about o go to pepboys but i will not make that mistake now. thanks again


how baout yo0u inflate your tire *** to the right pressure


you do realize that tires are made out of rubber, right? many things can cause a bubble on a tire, from road conditions to tire defect, but a prorate or additional install / removal fee may apply.

This is the nature of the business, not local policy or store practice, its an industry wide fact. If you get roadhazard warranty you can save on some of these fees, but normaly without it you are only getting a partial credit on your tire, regardless of tire warranty or date of purchase. Another thing, why bother everyone with your experience? Why take up other peoples time with your troubles and daily issues?

Let people maintain their positive attitudes and make their decisions based on their own experiences. Be an adult and own up to your own mistakes or ignorance on the issue.

Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy #149384

You hit something to cause a bubble. ONLY way it can happen.

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