Went to pep boys in tallahassee to get 2 tires for the front of my car when i see them opening my hood im here for tires *** my hood i tell the man okay he says a few seconds later hes back you have a broke struat pn the left side of your car amd theres nothin we can do really i say so put my car down and ill go else where they put my car down i walk around tp where i parked my car as the *** that was gpnna changey tires drove off he drives to the front of the store i leave pissed i get probably5 miles from the place when it starts rainin he has put my passenger wimdow down that doesnt go upy cars soaked i call them tell the guy what has happened je tells me its the stud thats nbroke not my struat and for a stud that cost me all of 2.00 he wanted to tell me. it would of cost at least 60.00 wow what a jump so know i have fixed the stud myself for 2.oo i will dry car outand buy tires elsewhere

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