Brought my vehicle to PEP BOYS for simple tune-up. A few hours pass and i am told my vehicle is ready.

I pay for the charges and recieve the key.When i try to leave, FIRST THE VEHICLE IS VERY HARD TO START, once it starts i put it in gear and it stalls out. This repeats twice more and i haven't even left the parking area. I bring the manager out to see the problem and he tells me it's the catalitlc converter. I get the cat.

converter out of line and reseal the exhaust. NOPE, the problem's still the same. Now i have spent over $500.00 on a SIMPLE TUNE-UP and my vehicle is still not running. What do i have to do?

Get "help me howard" involved? I really don't want to cause a problem, but it seems to me that's the only way to get anyone to move any more.

WHAT A SHAME. k71462@yahoo.com

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