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I was having a simple spark plug change done just before moving from yorktown, virginia to california. Pep boys called and told me they had broken off two of the plugs in the engine block and could not do anything to fix the problem they had created.

They even admitted they had not used the break-free lubricant used by most mechanics. Mad as a hornet, I had to have the car towed to a true engine mechanic (at my expense) who magically changed the other six plugs without a problem and got the broken plugs out and changed. Pep boys has a network of "service" numbers to call, each of which pass you on to the next and "wait you out." I look forward to watching them go out of business!

This event was so incredibly maddening, the only reason I did not take them to small claims court was that I had to move to the west coast a week later.

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I had / am having the same problem with mobil 1 lube in clermont, florida. they broke off one of the spark plugs in cylinder 5 and put it back in there broke and proceeded to say they didn't know why it was shuddering down the road over 40 mph!

I posted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about that and am still trying to get the broken plug out three weeks later, we've ordered the tap out kit, kroil, carb cleaner, break cleaner, tried the glue suggestion, and still the broken part won't come out. This weekend we're drilling the b*&^(& out! *** FORD!!! They should go Out of Business!

I'm buying a Nissan Titan. :(

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The speculation/rumor by Wall Street Investment Analysts is that there is a pending class action lawsuit against PepBoys for discriminatory pricing strategies across gender lines. A former executive of The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe, and Jack is claiming that in private conversations with the company chairman William Leonard and Sr. VP Joseph Cirelli, they have tacitly and systematically developed a culture that encourages, across their comprehensive spoke and wheel business model, unethical pricing strategies primarily targeting women customers and less than savvy male clients. PepBoys’ unwritten strategy attempts to maximize company profits by routinely charging women an average price of 16 percent above what is charged to the male counterparts.

The whistle blower is also rumored to have communicated with the legal parties that the systematic pricing fraud against women was so widespread, that Leonard and Cirelli frequently mused in their Philadelphia headquarters about their substantial compensation packages thanks to the "Vics", an abbreviated term for "Victims" which they loosely used to refer to their female clientele.

Wachovia Capital markets is expected to lower their forecasted outlook (as of March 27, 2008) of $10-$12 a share, as they are revising their 6-7X EV/EBITDA ratio to between 4-5X EV/EBITDA. Other analysts at Credit Suisse and Kevin Dann and Partners are likely to issue revised and lower price outlooks, with a recommended "SELL" classification. Sell ratings are rare on Wall Street with less than 20% of all recommendations being a “SELL” rating. The SELL rating thus signifies a potential financial implosion at PepBoys. One of the Wall Street Analysts familiar with the suit believes that the company is not likely to survive even a one-time-only GAAP accounting charge in excess of $1Billion, which is a much lower sum that what the class action suit is rumored to be seeking.

With PepBoys current financial struggles, the company certainly cannot afford to face a class action suit. If true, PepBoys is likely to go under, or be acquired by a competitor at will likely be below fair-market-value given the potential legal environ. PepBoys highest source of value as an acquisition target may be in its numerous and valuable real-estate and physical properties, and not their repair services, which in recent years has become a damaged brand.

We wish them luck and hope that what some analysts believe is just speculation


The Word on Wall Street

Brooklyn, Michigan, United States #16569

Had my car inspected and the same day I took my car to PEPBOYS for a trannyflush. 5 visits, 3 weeks without a car, and $1500 later, I was asked for an additional $1,100 to get my car to run "at all".

They said that I shouldn't be upset because for 4 of the visits they didn't charge me for labor since they had screwed up initially.

I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I don't have the additional $$, and I have no car.

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