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On December 20 2007, my wife took her 2003 impala to PEP BOYS for a simple brake job. My wife was told that her rotors and master cylinder will also need to be replaced along with a few other parts that had nothing to do with the brakes system and $954. later, it still drove the same.

I then drove her car to the Chevy dealer and I was told master cylinder and pads were never changed. Just cleaned. Returning to PEP BOYS, I asked for the old parts. "We don't save used parts". was the managers response. BIG RIP OFF! They lie to the customers for profit and nothing more.

I found out later that a friend worked at a PEP BOYS and quit when he was told to damage some parts in customer cars.

Why can't anybody do anything to prevent this from happenning again?

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Portland, Indiana, United States #20781

It is required by law that the repair facility returns the parts to the customer. They were probably creating excuses for why they didn't do what they were paid to do. The company can get into trouble for fraud.

Derby, Vermont, United States #15690

Not true you should always turn the rotors when replacing pads.

Noumea, New Caledonia, New Caledonia #2233

The fact that you write about Pep Boys leads me to believe you live in California.

What you describe describes FRAUD and in this case, CRIMINAL FRAUD in additional to CIVIL.

I would contact your local Police Department and file a Criminal Complaint.

Original Equipment parts are different than Aftermarket Products that PepBoys uses. They are easily identified.

Master Cylinders are rarely replaced and usually if they have to be replaced its because they are leaking brake fluid or do not provide or hold a good firm brake pedal when applied.

It is a common unecessary practice to turn Rotors when replacing the pads during a brake job.

I would also contact the State of California Consumer Affairs, Automotive Investigation Division, immediately.

I would call them in Sacramento.

What you are describing is a very serious charge.

I would also contact and engage an Attorney for the purposes of filing a Civil Lawsuit involving not only Damages but Punitive Damages.

Getting a refund is a minor part of this case.

The practice has to be stopped and the Company and Employees severly punished for this Practice, which is obviously condoned.

All Records can be obtained through discovery and all Employees deposed under oath.

I would take action immediately.

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