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I took my car into PepBoys of Athens, Alabama last December (2014) to get a timing belt job done on my 1997 Honda Civic. Everything seemed well until this last week.

I was driving home from a trip about an hour and a half away on 5/15/2015 when my check engine light came on. When I got home I looked in my engine bay and the crank position sensor wire was rubbing on my timing belt. I felt of the wire and the timing belt had rubbed through the wire leaving two bare wires shorting out against each other. I got up the next morning 5/16/2015 to take my car back to PepBoys and had a strange noise coming from the engine. I figured it was a problem with the sensor and the guys at PepBoys said that it was covered under warranty.

I went back to pick my car up 5/18/2015 and it was still making the noise but the sensor had been replaced. I took it right back and they worked on it for another day. When I went back to the shop on 5/19/2015 they said that the A/C compressor bearing had gone bad and that it was causing the noise. They quoted me $1200 to fix the A/C issues. I told them that I believed it was due to the sensor issue initially and the Assistant Manager, Richard, shrugged it off. He said that it was purely coincidence that those two issues happened at the same time. I told them to leave the A/C belt off as to not damage the engine further. The manager, Scott, was not there so I took the car home to deal with it later.

I got up this morning 5/20/2015 to drive the car to work. On the way home from work I was going about 70mph and heard something come loose in the engine bay. When this happened my engine began making bad noises. I made it home and looked in the engine bay. What I saw was the A/C idler pulley lodged against my drive belt and drive pulley. The mechanic had left this pulley loose in the engine bay and it was grinding against the belt and pulley in the car. This could have been a lot worse and myself or my wife could have been involved in a breakdown or accident due to this mistake.

I would like this situation to be made right and I plan to speak with Scott when I am off work and he is in the shop. I do not believe that the A/C issue is a coincidence and I am disappointed in the shoddy work that has been done on my car.

If there is anything that the corporate or local office could do, it would be greatly appreciated.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Quality of work, Management.

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Sorry to hear your problem but whenever you take a car anywhere to get worked on expect the unexpected. Maybe the guy working on your car had a bad day or his girlfriend just left him or he's on something or he's an alcoholic or any kind of scenario.

If at all possible do the work yourself.

I trust no one when it comes to my vehicles. Again, sorry and good luck.

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