Miami, Florida

my husband purchased 4 tires back in Nov 0f 2009 and we sent in the rebate form and we also received the post card stating that the brand of tire was not included in the rebate, but my husband only went to purchase 2 tire but the salesman told him about those particular brand and about the rebate ,that was his reason for buying all four tire there was also i sign posted on the tires buy 3 get one free. after receiving the post card my husband drove down to the pep boy store with the post card and a few choice words ,he was told the same by some thing .when we purchase the tires the receipts even printed out the rebate slip . WE NEED TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT ON PEPBOY

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $112.

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so you go down there and a few chioce of words no wonder why they will not help you.maybe next time you be a little nicer and you see how far that gets you and explain what happend.




You bought the cheap *** cornell 1000 tires right. read the fine print lame

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