Sacramento, California
Not resolved

I had my wheels aligned at Pep Boys, 2500 Arden Way, Sacramento, the same day I bought new front tires. The old tires wore out due to 'toe out'.

I just noticed my new tires with no tread on the inside edge.....AGAIN...just what I had the alignment to avoid. The car was checked by another shop to see if anything else could cause this problem. They said only the alignment was bad and showed me that the adjustment bolts had apparently never been touched. I returned to Pep Boys and had the alignment checked.........severe toe out!!!

(Again or STILL!!!??)

The manager refused to even look at the bolts that seem to show no work was ever done ( the alignment I'd paid Pep Boys for). I'd driven about 15,000 miles since the alignment and believe that the car was never aligned at Pep Boys, or the tires couldn't wear that fast. They wanted to charge me for another alignment.

Why would I pay them when I think they never did the job last time!!!!!!!!!!!

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