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Bought new wheels and tires for my son’s car thru Pep Boys online and had them installed that include wheel balancing at the nearest Pep Boys Center (Store ID #0186). We arrived for 11:00 appointment (trip number 1).

Instructions were left at the desk that I will keep the original wheels and tires. It took about 3-4 hours to install. My son drove it home where I checked out the new wheels and tires. That’s when I notice all the wheel center caps were not flush.

The edge was sticking out about ¼ inch. To find out why, I carefully removed one of the centercaps. It popped off and it had some lock tabs broken. The centercaps were sticking out because Pep Boys replaced the standard wheel lug nuts with long closed-end locking lug nuts, which I never requested.

This time I drove the car back to Pep Boys to show this shady workmanship and the broken centercap (trip number 2). On the way the car shook at highway speeds 50 mph and higher; another problem to fix. They said they had to order a new wheel for the centercap and standard lug nuts. I was told they will call me when the new wheel comes in to make an appointment to get: 1) wheel balancing fixed; 2) install standard lug nuts; 3) replace/install the centercaps.

The following day I took the wheels and tires out of the car, but they only put one hub cap in the car. I called Pep Boys for the other three hub caps. The guy I spoke to went back into shop to look, but to no prevail. He said they must have thrown them away.

A week and half goes by and no phone call about the new wheel coming in, so I called. The response was, oh yes we have the wheel and what are doing with it? Are you kidding me??? I made an appointment for trip number 3.

This time it only took 3 hours to check the wheel balance on two tires, install new lug nuts and put on the centercaps. They also charged me for a tire disposal fee! Oh, BTW they gave me the wheel that came with the centercap for my troubles. Little consolation.

The technician is clueless or simply didn’t give a ***.

Management is also clueless for letting something like this happen. I will never and I will discourage others with having any work done on their car at Pep Boys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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