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First off, I needed front brakes put on my car. After hearing all the commercials and such about how well Pepboys does, I took my car in.

When I walked into the service station the head honcho was gossiping! I waited 5 minutes before he turned to me and said "ill be right with you". The man finished his conversation before helping me! Then wanted to charge me $160 just to install the brakes (I supplied the brakes) after I left there and went to another service station, I was informed I needed a new rotor.

I went Baker to pepboys to purchase a rotor for $60. I was then informed by the service station that it was an OFFBRAND and that I could get a motorcraft for the same price! I paid for the rotor by check. When I went back to return, they said there was nothing they could do for TEN days.

The check went through as soon as they ran it! I saw it online!

The service I recieved in Tyler, Texas that day was horrible! Never will I return after getting my money back!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #643538

With all due respect, who the *** pays with paper checks these days? This is your own fault, pretty much any major retailer will have a policy like this for check payments.

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