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I called pep-boys in Vineland new jersey cause I seen a part I needed for my car the part is a ignition coil made by accel the price was 57.99 but it say in sale now for 26.20 so I tell the store sale manager he said to me no that his price at his store is 59.99 I said it can't be because im on pepboys page now and it don't even say that price well it all went from being nice in short words I'll put this he gave me alot of *** and if I want go buy it somewhere else well I had my friend call and ask the same question he gave him trouble also and at the same time he said to my friend I already told u yesterday what my price is screaming over the phone and my friend never talk to him before so he talk to another person nasty think it was me without even asking if he spoke to him the they before I email corporate they did not get back to me I called them I spoke to some person he interim told me they where going to call me back here is the third day I still dont have the part I need and they still haven't call me back but the price is still the same on the online pepboys page this really bad in all my years shopping at pepboys I never went thru something like this well I need my part for my car so if that's fraud someone should do something about it cause I don't know what else's to do my friend tells me to call action news but I don't know if that's what should do I just wish corporate took care of this matter

Monetary Loss: $26.

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You sound ridiculous. If you talk the way you wrote no wonder the manager got annoyed at you. Use commas and periods in the future.

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