Richardson, Texas

I went to pep boys to have my car checked out. They quoted my $950.00 to fix it.

They told me several things needed replacing after putting it on the diagnostic machine. They said I needed a tune up when I just had one 4 months ago. When I told them I just had one they just dropped the subject and talked about something else. I took my car to another mechanic he found only 1 problem and it cost me $325.00 to fix it.

My car runs great now!

Pep Boys is a rip off, I hope they go bankrupt.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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to the person above that is a load of ***.your fixing peoples car for the money not for the thanks.pep boys tried to rip me off too by trying charging me $100 just to tell me whats wrong. i told the guy your crazy and drove out.

then i went to Wang's in covina who charged me$100 to fix my car. to doesntmatter if you feel your job is not forfilling to you, may i suggest a dog groomer.

dogs are more appreciative and a little less dangerous! heck my jobs also dangerous(i live on planet earth)!

Trzin, Trzin, Slovenia #14009

Just imagine that belt snapping off like i have seen DOZENS of times in 3+ years of working on cars...people have the misconception that we're rip off artists...people have no idea the things we go through to fix your cars and how ungrateful you are...are you all perfect at your jobs, we need to be, you're lives are literally at thanks or apologies necessary

Fort Hood, Texas, United States #12679

i went to pep boys, to do an oil change, idont know much about cars, i finish acording to pep boys, with a new serpentine belt, a 154 treament with a bunch of things done. and a pep boy credit card, i dont even have a job, how they aprove the credit card i dont know, but i owe them now 389.00 how im going to pay, God knows, but i got scare about that belt, and i did the work to the car

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