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I took my car to Pep Boys in Montgomery across from the mail. It had stopped running and I thought it might be the fuel pump. After getting home with the van I called for a tow to the Big Ten/Pep Boys place. I began searching for fuel pumps and what would be a fair charge to replace it. I found the fuel pump for a little over 200 dollars available right next door to the shop.

Sure enough, I get a call from Pep Boys telling me the fuel pump had gone out. I asked for a summary of what it would cost to replace it. I was shocked and then pissed when he told me 400 for the fuel pump, 350.00 for the labor, 90.00 dollars for the diagnostic and 40.00 for the towing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nearly one thousand dollars! When questioned about the huge price difference I asked him if they marked up parts he said yes. I said by what 300 percent ?! He said no 150.00... they have to make money somehow he said. He told me rather unhappily I could purchase the part myself but they would not warranty the part (well duh) but the labor they would. I ended up getting the part for 82.00. After they got it all in they tried to tell me the fuel filter needed to be replaced which would be an additional 47.00 dollars. He became argumentative when I said no.. what they did not know is prior to picking up my van my husband put a brand new fuel filter in... the van never cranked up or ran after he replaced it. How the *** could it be bad if they a) never cranked it up but instead put it on a diagnostic machine?

I went to pick up my van and they had tacked on another 53.00 for wiring the fuel pump which I had no idea about. Eventually after much *** and threatening I got a full refund for the 53.00 plus a free oil change. But the damage was done. Businesses that practice in this manner are unethical and doomed for failure. They are concerned with making money no matter whose pockets they have to rob and Pep Boys is crooked. They picked the wrong woman to try and pull some unnecessary and outrageous mechanic work on. I will never ever use Pep Boys again. If you want a good descent mechanic in Montgomery please call Sherman over on Black Shear Road.

The towing was the only thing that kept me from saying to *** with Pep Boys. With a delphi fuel pump Sherman quoted me HALF of what I paid at pep boys with the fuel filter replacement.

NO PEP BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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That is so true, be glad you were able to gent out of there and stuck to your guns, the boys have changed all to much since I worked there many moons ago :(

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