Cleveland, Ohio
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Pep Boys saw my daughter coming. She went in for an oil change and for them to fix a tire that was leaking at the rim....$200.00 later she gave me a bill for stuff they didn't need to do and as far as I'm concerned, weren't authorized to do.

They told her an air filter HAD to be changed. Of course it was the one behind the glove box...$40.00. The serpintine belt was torn, Sure it wass cracked, but I used to put them on at 18 sec.

job....$45.00.I've done it on that type of car and it only took a minute and a half.I was there a few weeks ago for an oil change and tire rotation and I know they didn't rotate the tires because I marked all the rims with a marker. Thats the last time I'll ever take any of my cars or trucks there...

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

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So when the belt breaks and leaves your daughter stranded the tow truck bill will be less than $45? Do you like knowing your daughter is driving an unsafe vehicle? :cry


Pep boys can rip you off by a million dollars all day long but in the end, YOUR the *** for taking your DAUGHTERS vehicle to PEPBOYS to be serviced. I would be suprised if these guys even tighten the lug nuts, ever think of that?

Shame on you. Have you ever heard of a dealership?

With actual experienced senior master techs? I am an intern technician at a Ford dealership and we clean up the messes that these pepboys "parts changers" make all the *** time.

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