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this spring my wife and i planned a visit to arizona. she took her 2000 Saab (70k mileage/well maintained) in for a safety check, advising that we would put on 1500+ desert miles.

two employees signed off A OK. the main radiator hose turned out to be old. the hose blew, car overheated, blown head gasket. early end to vacation and $3,000 in repairs and another $6-700 in transportation and car rentals.

the certified mechanic in tucson was livid, stating no way this was looked at and they dont at least suggest a $35 hose!

when i went in to speak with the manager, get this: he tells me the Bureau of Automotive Repairs has forbidden them from recommending anything be replaced unless they can see its already broken! my longtime mechanic says that is nonsense.

so we have to file a claim.

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Yuryuzan', Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation #22344

unless there is something else wrong there is no way they should have missed something like that. wrong on their part

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