Arlington Heights, Illinois
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When took my car to pep-boys for brake service they put a nail in the side wall of my tire. I inspected my car before I took it in.

I also have tire pressure sensors on my car that didn't low tire pressure before took my car there. The mechanic showed me the nail in the sidewall. It was a very small nail that could never had driven over because it was on the side. I informed the manager and he said that none of his employees would never do such a thing.

Of course the tire couldn't be repaired because the nail was on the side wall.

They tried to sell me another for $138 dollars. What a lousy way to sell tires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Tire Rotation.

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Some Common Sense

to david

actually, MOST tpms sensors have a variance of 4-7 psi, depending on manufacturer, so yea you could lose more than your sorry "2 psi of air comment" and still not have low air pressure light come on!

so, get YOUR facts right before YOU speak!


tpms sensors will come on if you lose 2 psi of air pressure out of your tire. Get your facts right before you speak.


This story reminds me of the time some old man said that the battery we sold him was a piece of junk, and he wanted us to replace it for free. When we took a look at the battery, it was not even a brand of battery we sold. He then accused us of taking the battery he bought from us out of it, when he was not looking and replacing it with an old junk battery, so we would not have to replace it.


if you dont rub curbs ull be ok. dont blame pepboys for ur tire.

btw tire pressure sensors only show if the tires lose 70% of the air.

U could drive with a nail for days before that light comes on. know ur stuff before u accuse people.

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