Lake Lure, North Carolina

I went to the Pepboys store in Greenville, SC to see about buying some tires to go on some rims I had. I know compared to other service centers and auto parts stores in the area, Pepboys is a dump and always looks like they are going out of business.

However, they are known to sell cheap tires, so I thought I would give them a try. As soon as I walked in, they guy started making fun of the rims I brought in. Given, they were ugly, but they are going on a project truck that had tires on it from the 70's. I told the two workers that I was looking for the most inexpensive tires they had to go on the rims since I would not be driving the vehicle that much.

Right away the two guys started arguing with each other over the width of the rim and one guy said that if I was looking for cheap tires, I should go somewhere else and buy some used tires. The other guy finally gave me a price on his "best deal" which would have run me $500 before taxes. They did not know that I had already looked online at tires that would fit and know that he picked one or their most expensive tire to price me.

Of all the incompetent service centers and auto parts stores I have been to, which I have been working on cars for years and years, I think this dump takes the cake. To work at this service center, you must have to be unable to stay employed anywhere else because I know if I was their boss, and they treated a customer like they did me, their butts would be on the curb.

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I guess Pepboys doesn't do everything for less


pep boys in cherry hill has the worst retail team in the area, they are unacknowledged group of people i have ever encounter in a retail store.


I would try to call corporate, when I worked at PB the service director was Terry Winslow, I would try to reach him or Bert Andrade at the corporate office


Maybe you should have read ALL the information on the website eh? The current "best deal" on tires is the definity tires which in car sizes are one of the more expensive tires, but after the 4th tire changes to a dollar at the register you are actually paying the same price for the 75,000 mile tires as you would for the others.

The manager at the Greenville store has done a lot to clean that store up, I know him personally and he is a good manager. Try and do your research before you hate on the employees.


First I would like to educate you. I think you are referring to wheels and as afar as to"cheap" tires I think your are referring to inexpensive tires.

The "on line" price is the best deal and the "guys" at the store have no control over pricing. Pepboys give you a break on line price. PLEASE STOP Attacking employees of these stores! Just like you they do what is expected of them.

Go a head and kick pepboys but kick there polices and the lack of the management for not carry what the store looks like.

All of what you see is set by the management and CEO of Pepboys from the colors to the parking lot! The CEO is Mike O"dell please send him an email1

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