I am a female. I had made an appointment on Dec.

19, 2010 at 1:00 pm for an O2 installation at their Broadview, IL location and when arrived at 12:33 pm I was told that they would not service me. I asked why I wasn't contacted earlier and told this such information, the response was that they don't bother contacting people because they have scheduled appointments form people who do not bother to show up. My response was "clearly I'm here". Then they wouldn't even offer me any alternative to check any other surrounding locations to see if they would service me.

I had to bring it to their attention that this was unacceptable and that this was the least they could do. I should have not been treated in this way since I had an appointment, I could see if I was a walk-in maybe.. To add insult to injury the male behind the counter I won't name names..

him and his manager thought it was funny! It's not a laughing matter when you need service done and was told it would be done at a given time, but when you show up its a different story all because they do not want to help females unless they are with a male

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Installation.

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Maybe you were a fat dumpy ignorant white trash S L U T?


While I certainly agree that their failure to keep a scheduled appointment was wrong, I fail to see how they were discriminatory towards females and you offer no evidence as to how sex played a role in the incident.

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That's bad for business!!

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